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& Joel.


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a swim race, microwaved Trader Joe's lentils, one of us literally falling into a cactus (like actually bad), and a 30-foot cliff jump into the ocean.


As kids, that love for fun and chaos took me into surfing and Joel into skateboarding. We achieved a lot in our sports (national titles, signature skateboards, *said with the utmost humility*) and we would not be the same, definitely not as tan, without the influence of those cultures.


We picked up cameras as a sunburnt little surfer girl and a sweaty little sk8r boy who had to make content for sponsors.


When we met, fell in love, and realized we both had similar backgrounds in creativity and surf/skate culture, we decided to do what could either have been a disaster or a Godsend for newlyweds...we started a business together.


Thankfully, it's been the latter. We absolutely love working as a photo and film team and feeding off one another's strengths. Joel will be responding to your emails and editing your photos while I am laughing at my own jokes on our social media and editing your wedding film.

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She was a stunt double for a Netflix movie, she cries often, studied history & women’s studies in college, drinks black coffee daily but also known for ordering a mocha with extra chocolate, Jesus follower, enneagram 4, saw The Rolling Stones at age 12, listening to The Rolling Stones rn, current grad student, has a butt tattoo, video editor, our cat's favorite person, ping pong/beer pong pro.

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Skeptical cat owner turned cat fanatic, wanna be parkour expert, juggler, Ocean Beach dweller, Biblical studies grad student, enneagram 8-wing 7, crush on Christopher Nolan, fan of reading, fan of Jesus, fan of weddings, fan of his wife fan of fans (no ac - he’s currently sweating while typing this in the third person). 

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No guts

no glory.

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